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The rising trend of having rugs on the floor seems to be steadily on the go! We bring you our whole sale rugs service to get to you the most exquisite designs, shapes, sizes, material and styles, in abundance. Rugs add a whole new meaning to the décor of the house. They infuse the house with a sense of fashion & chic sophistication.

Most of the rugs we have are intricately hand woven by expert artisans. Others are meticulously designed keeping n mind not only the trends but also the diversity of the tastes of people. With us, you will find hundreds of rugs – modern rugs, wool rugs, shaggy rugs, sheepskin rugs, safari rugs, romantic / girly rugs, leather rugs, oriental rugs, jute rugs, wool rugs, traditional rugs, even metal rugs and what not.

We keep the perfect rugs to compliment your home and lifestyle, be in office, lounge, guest room, home or wherever! Rugs do well even around children. It keeps them off getting hurt by falling, and caters to young adults for casual sit-down meets. Our rugs are available in a selection of popular sizes to suit most living spaces.

Gift them, Buy them, Keep for children, or just for sitting down casually with friends, rugs are much more than just small piece of décor on the floor, especially for delicate floorings. We are in to B2B as well as B2C services. It would be our pleasure to be contacted people who are looking to start or want to venture with us for rug selling business.

Our whole sale and variety of numerous designs and styles would surely not disappoint you!! *Tip- some design experimenting people have found wall as a place of display for their rug. Yes, a rug of apt design and size, complimenting the room, can be hung on wall as a part of the wall design itself. And it looks amazing!